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2 bottles of imtenan honey and fresh cream 500 g on a wooden board
Dhs. 59.95 Dhs. 72.00
Fresh Cream is rich, creamy and delicious, a staple ingredient used in many desserts. Fresh Cream is best coupled with white honey, a viscous sweet...
Aryaf Honey 700g & Tahina Sesame 550g
Dhs. 24.75 Dhs. 30.25
Tahina 100% Sesame, is a delicious healthy Tahina made from sesame seeds and sesame oil, Aryaf Sugarcane Honey is a delicious treat for those who...
Syrian virgin olive oil 5 L  with 500 g free
Dhs. 132.00 Dhs. 143.00
The Syrian Virgin Olive Oil 5l is an olive oil that has been harvested in Syria and is full of flavor. This oil is made...
Palestinian Virgin Olive Oil 1L + Zaatar Blend 500g
Dhs. 93.00 Dhs. 107.00
Treat your body and loved ones to a new way of cooking and a taste that is unmatched with our Premium Palestinian Virgin Olive Oil 1L....