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Tasty Authentic Middle-Eastern Zaatar Beef Pita Recipe

Zaatar is a basic flavorful ingredient cherished by the Middle East, used in every oriental cuisine in a variety of dishes. An ingredient that can take your recipe to a higher level of deliciousness and awesomeness. Zaatar is a healthy blend made of thyme, oregano and mixed spices. Aside from its heavenly taste, Zaatar has a huge nutritional value and endless benefits that help with weight loss.

We are about to dive in with a delicious lunch recipe featuring the strong flavor of Zaatar and a tasty fig salad on the side. This dish is popular in the Middle East, especially the Sham countries. Where it can be eaten with Pita Bread, Syrian Bread or Lebanese Bread.

Let’s get started!


-          1 tablespoon of Zaatar

-          1 teaspoon of Extra Virgin Olive Oil

-          ½ cups of yogurt (preferably Greek)

-          1 garlic clove  

-          1 lettuce head

-          10 beef slices (chopped thinly)

-          1 dried fig

-          2 pieces of bread (Pita, Syrian or Lebanese)

-          2 tablespoons of Tahini

-          1 Radish

-          ¼ cups of cornstarch

-          1 tablespoon of vinegar

-          Chilli flakes (optional)

Preparation Method:

-          Start by preheating your oven and getting it hot and ready on 233 Degrees Celsius.

-          Wash your vegetables well and allow them to dry fully

-          Chop your garlic into tiny pieces then smash it until it has a paste-like consistency

-          Then chop your lettuce and fig into medium-sized slices, keeping each of them in a separate bowl.

-          Add hot water to the fig enough to cover it.

-          Peel the radish and slice it thinly.

-          For the tahini sauce, add the Greek yogurt, tahini, half tablespoon of vinegar, olive oil, garlic paste (as much as you prefer), a tablespoon of water and salt and pepper to taste.

-          Feel free to add chili flakes to the sauce as well (optional)

-          Mix the ingredients well until your sauce is ready

-          Next thing you want to do is heating your bread. Place them in an aluminum foil and pop them into the oven rack for 5 to 6 minutes.

-          Now for the beef, separate the beef slices and pat them dry with paper towels.

-          Then proceed to add your spices, first the salt and pepper then the cornstarch and zaatar seasoning.

-          Make sure each meat slice is fully incorporated in the spices, toss it around to fully cover it.

-          Spread some oil on a non-stick pan and place it on a medium-high heat.

-          Shake the excess off the meat slices and place it on the pan when it is hot enough.

-          Watch it sizzle and let it cook from two to five minutes on each side.

-          Keep cooking, stirring every now and then until it is fully cooked.

-          Turn off the heat, and start preparing the salad.

-          For the salad you will need to combine the lettuce, fig and radish in a ball with vinegar.

-          Add olive oil, the juice of a lemon, pepper and salt to taste.

-          Stir everything together until all the flavors are combined.

-          Take out the bread from the oven then apply a thin coat of the tahini mixture to it.

-          Lay the beef slices on top of it, then add the salad above them

-          Put it on a serving plate with the remaining salad and sauce beside it as an appetizer.

-          Serve it as a delicious oriental Middle-Eastern Zaatar recipe.

-          Enjoy the authentic taste!

And there you have it! A Tasty Authentic Middle-Eastern Zaatar Beef Pita Recipe. This is an ideal lunch or dinner meal, where you and your family can feel full and satisfied. Saturated with flavor and a bittersweet taste from the Zaatar and garlic paste. All healthy, all organic with ingredients filled with antioxidants that will help your body detox from impurities. Zaatar is known for these benefits, among many others meant to keep your body in its ideal form. Try this recipe once with a personal guarantee that it wouldn’t be the last time!

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What are you waiting for? Try this recipe now!


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