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Is Roumy Cheese Healthy? Discover the Harms and Benefits of Roumy Cheese

Roumy Cheese, like any other cheese, is a tasty cheese made from milk with several benefits, vitamins and nutritional values to the body. However, there exists a risk of harm if you eat too much from it or in the event that it is made in an unhealthy way or bought from an unreliable source. This article discusses the benefits and potential harms that come from consuming Roumy cheese.

Types of Roumy Cheese

Roumy cheese, also known as Turkish cheese, is a hard processed cheese made from cow milk. Its color varies depending on the quality of the milk used in it. If it is pale yellow in color, it means that it is made from cow's milk only. If it is very dark in color, it means that it is made from a mixture of cow's milk with buffalo milk.

Before we get into the benefits of Roumy Cheese, let’s first discuss the various types of roumy cheese sold in markets, the most popular being:

  • Roumy Batarekh Cheese, which is an old roumy cheese that has been stored and aged for over 6 months. 
  • Wax Roumy Cheese, which is a roumy cheese that is packaged within a thick layer of wax to preserve it and enhance its taste.
  • Caviar Roumy Cheese, which is roumy cheese with a low amount of salt.

Roumy Cheese Benefits

You’re all wondering by now: Is Roumy Cheese Healthy? Well, we know for a fact that roumy cheese contains endless benefits such as vitamins and minerals that are essential for the body; as it helps:

  • Maintain the health of bones and teeth as it contains a high percentage of calcium.
  • Preserve the eye and retina because it is a rich source of vitamin A.
  • Treat ulcers and maintain intestinal health because it contains Penicillium mushrooms.
  • Weight gain for those who suffer from thinness because it is made from whole milk.
  • Prevent high blood pressure because it contains sodium and calcium, which are two important nutrients that prevent high blood pressure.
  • Prevent many diseases because it contains linoleic acid.
  • Enhance liver function.
  • Facilitate the absorption of some important nutrients for the body.

On top of that, roumy cheese is a good source of vitamins C and D, iron, magnesium and fats that are beneficial to the body.

Benefits of Roumy Cheese in Dietary Regimens 

As for romy cheese in healthy diets, it is one of the cheeses that is preferred to be eaten during regimens, but in specific quantities. You can eat two slices of it as a substitute for breakfast. This is because it provides the body with the necessary fats to give it energy, and it also provides the body with calcium, which compensates for what it loses.

Roumy Cheese Benefits for Body Builders

Due to the huge nutritional value contained in Roumy cheese, it is very beneficial for body builders. Those benefits include:

  • Building body muscles because it contains a large proportion of protein.
  • Bringing out arm muscles
  • Fighting cancer as it contains fatty acids.
  • Reducing the level of harmful cholesterol in the body.
  • Prevent the swelling of skin.

Harms of Roumy Cheese

If rumi cheese is not eaten moderately or is purchased from an unreliable source, it will harm the body. The harms of roumy cheese include:

  • If it is eaten in excess, you can risk accumulation of fat on the liver.
  • Eating roumy cheese is not recommended for those who suffer from high blood pressure as it contains a high percentage of salt.
  • It is not recommended for those who suffer from high cholesterol levels in the blood.

After discovering the benefits and harms of roumi cheese, you can now enjoy a delicious taste of roumy cheese and obtain its many benefits and avoid the damages that result from buying it from unreliable sources through buying roumy cheese from Nahda website. Nahda offers you two types of special roumy cheese, the medium roumy cheese and the old roumy cheese.


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