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Cottage (Areesh) Cheese for Infants: When Can they Have It? 3 Healthy Recipes for Infants

Cottage (Areesh) Cheese is one of the most suitable cheeses for children and infants, this is because it has a huge nutritional value that plays a big role in their growth and bodily health. Both children and adults benefit from the vitamins and nutrients in it such as calcium, protein, vitamin D, vitamin A and fats. In this article, we will be discussing the importance of Cottage (Areesh) cheese for infants, when they can have it and famous recipes.


When can you serve Cottage (Areesh) cheese to infants?


In order to provide you with an accurate answer, we should consider the 3 most famous opinions in this regard. The first recommends that Cottage (Areesh) cheese should be fed to infants starting 6 months while the second says the child should be given Cottage (Areesh) cheese at the eight or ninth month.


The third, more protective opinion recommends that you start introducing Cottage (Areesh) cheese into your baby's diet after he completes one year of age. This is because the proteins in dairy products in general are not good for babies before the age of one and would make their stomach upset. Nevertheless, cheese and yogurt are considered dairy products  where a large proportion of the protein is broken down during the manufacturing process and upon completion. Thus, Cottage (Areesh) cheese can be given to your child before he completes a year.


Cottage (Areesh) Cheese Recipes for Infants


Cottage (Areesh) Cheese could be used in various recipes for your infant, changing flavors and foods so you don’t get bored while you make the most of the nutrients.


The most famous recipes being:


  • Mashed Cottage (Areesh) cheese, served without any additives
  • Mashed Cottage (Areesh) cheese, served mixed with boiled eggs.
  • Mashed vegetables with Cottage (Areesh) cheese, to enhance its flavor and increase the nutrients.
  • Cottage (Areesh) cheese mixed with pasta


Alongside those recipes, you can also try those three unique ones for a change:


  • Omelet with Cottage (Areesh) Cheese
  • Ingredients:


    • 1 teaspoon of milk.
    • 1 egg.
    • 1 tablespoon of Cottage (Areesh) cheese.
    • 1 teaspoon of oil or butter.


    Preparation Method


    • In a bowl, whisk the milk with the eggs.
    • Then melt the butter in a frying pan
    • Pour the egg and milk mixture into the skillet and mix well.
    • Leave it until it hardens.
    • Spread the Cottage (Areesh) cheese on the eggs.
    • Fold the eggs on the Cottage (Areesh) cheese.
    • Continue to cook the eggs until they are ready.
    • Then cut it and serve it to your child.


  • Rice with Cottage (Areesh) cheese and vegetables



    • 2 tablespoons of baby rice.
    • 1 piece of carrot.
    • 100 grams of cauliflower.
    • 1 tablespoon of Cottage (Areesh) cheese.


    Preparation Method:


    • First, prepare the carrots and cauliflower by washing and draining them well.
    • Then boil the vegetables together until fully cooked.
    • Keep the vegetable water aside.
    • Blend the vegetables and the vegetable water together in a blender.
    • Cook the rice with the vegetable mixture as usual.
    • Proceed to add Cottage (Areesh) cheese to the rice mixture after it is cooked and stir well.
    • Serve warm rice with Cottage (Areesh) cheese to your child.


  • Macaroni and Cottage (Areesh) Cheese 



    • ½  cup of boiled pasta.
    • ½  cup of boiled and mashed carrots.
    • ¼  cup of mashed Cottage (Areesh) cheese

    Preparation Method:


    • Mix pasta with carrots and Cottage (Areesh) cheese.
    • Serve it warm to your child. 


    Knowing that in this macaroni and Cottage (Areesh) cheese recipe for infants, you can also add any type of grated cheese that your child prefers.


    In the end, when you’re considering the health of your child and infant and looking forward to including Cottage (Areesh) cheese to their diet, make sure you buy it from a reliable source. Nahda website offers you just that, the best high-quality Cottage (Areesh) cheese at the best price!


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