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Beef Burger Brazil 100 g x 2
Dhs. 11.50 Dhs. 14.95
Dhs. 11.50 Dhs. 14.95
ِA good beef burger sandwich is known to be delicious from its meat. And sure enough, this Beef Burger Brazil is a delicious juicy meat...
Beef Leg Cubes Pakistan 500g
Dhs. 17.50 Dhs. 21.00
Dhs. 17.50 Dhs. 21.00
The beef leg cubes from Pakistan are tender and flavorful. With a rich beef flavor, these cubes are the perfect addition to any dish. This...
Dhs. 17.50
A beef leg shank boneless from Pakistan weighing 500g is a cut of beef taken from the hind leg of a cow. It has had the...
Dhs. 17.90
You can't go wrong with a cut of steak beef from Pakistan. This beautiful, flavorful meat is a perfect complement to any dish. It's also...
Beef Mince Premium Australia 250g
Dhs. 23.75 Dhs. 26.95
Dhs. 23.75 Dhs. 26.95
With a juicy, beefy flavor, Beef Mince Premium Australia is a must-have for your next meal. Minced Beef is a great source of protein that...